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Top lead generation strategies for early stage startups

Start-ups need effective agile growth marketing to bring their products or services into the focus of their potential customers rapidly and effectively.

Entrepreneurs expect to leverage different marketing channels to place their products within reach of their intended target audience. With the right marketing expertise, you can build innovative lead generation campaigns to boost product sales.

It is imperative to develop effective lead generation programs that generate value and build sales traction for your start-up. Using a shotgun approach of advertising and leveraging multiple marketing channels, can be a total waste of time, money, and start-up resources. Building a powerful lead generation engine that is integrated with other elements of your Go-to-market strategy is crucial for success.

Before digging into the effective lead generation strategies for your start-up, let us describe the lead generation process in detail.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of getting the target audience of your brand interested in your product or service portfolio. Lead generation can be regarded as a marketing process of generating awareness and interest for your product and services. A good lead gen engine helps in attracting a potential customer’s active interest in the product or service without any prior knowledge about it.

For instance, live events, blog posts, online content, and so more are common instances of effective lead generators. These can help in bringing valuable leads for the products or services your marketing is promoting.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Your Startup

Here are a few easy-to-execute and cost-effective lead generation strategies for your startup organization.

#Promotions through social media advertising

People nowadays tend to have extensive online social interaction. One of the leading platforms for B2B and B2C target audiences is Facebook.

With an ever-increasing number of people using social media across the globe, marketing and promoting with the help of Facebook ads is a valuable lead generation strategy. It targets a broad or narrow segment of leads with a relatively high return on your marketing investment. By using relevant CTAs (Call to Actions) and promoting the products & services of your organization, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter could be valuable tools in your marketing toolkit.

#Top-quality Content

In most cases, startups have a limited budget for promoting their products or services. With the help of content marketing, you can create top-quality content. It helps in driving more visitor traffic to your website. Moreover, it also helps in creating an increasing number of inbound sales leads.

Blog content can be useful in delivering access to content for educating and informing your customers with respect to the particular range of products or services. They are the backbone of any website while serving as the best source for top-notch lead generation. When you deliver top-quality, engaging content, it will work in favor of your organization by engaging visitors on the blog page.

Blog content that is relevant and engaging, builds credibility for your brand. With clear, concise, and appealing content reflecting your brand’s value, you can draw the attention of potential leads into your sales funnel.

#Retargeting Marketing

The concept of retargeting marketing can work wonders for your startup. It allows your organization to tag site visitors effectively. Retarget marketing ads observe nomad (anonymous) visitors on the website for several weeks. It functions by placing a proper code on your website. Moreover, they attach relevant cookies of individual users visiting the website.

Every time the users browse somewhere else, the cookie will trigger relevant ads. These ads show up on the website or search engine that the user is browsing. The advertising places the product or service right in front of the visitor - it helps in amplifying the chance of converting them into a lead and a potential customer.

#Provide Free Trials

Free trials deliver the objective of creating leads for your product range. It helps in delivering value to the particular set of products or services for your brand. In case the trial proves effective, leads are more likely to make a purchase and eventually become loyal customers. Startups can consider starting a free trial for selling products and encouraging purchases in a low-pressure manner.

#Optimize Landing Pages

You can make use of the best SEO practices for optimizing the landing page of your organization. When you wish to optimize the landing pages for your startup website, some important points to consider are:

· Implementation of testimonials from customers

· Engagement sign-up form

The given strategies can help in converting more site visitors to potential leads. When you have great content focusing on the product or service range, you can use the idea for delivering optimum results.

At the same time, it is important to keep updating the landing page regularly. This helps in delivering more value while helping with the overall conversion rates.

#Provide Lucrative Offers

When you provide access to profitable offers, it can help you get around 3X or 4X conversions for your startup. When you deliver unique and compelling offers delivering real value to the visitors, you can begin the journey of converting them into loyal customers. You can try out multiple offers to identify the best possible option.


Implementing the right lead generation strategies is crucial for building your sales pipeline.


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