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Agile Marketing Facts and Stats

Agile Marketing Numbers

Agile Marketing Data and Insights 

Slice and Dice the Numbers  

The need for agile intensified after the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and its challenges for modern businesses. The remote collaboration had made us extend our agile processes even more. As an increasing number of enterprises continue embracing agile, the benefits remain quite clear. The numbers tell the story. 

Here are some agile marketing facts and stats;

93 percent of businesses that had adopted agile before the advent of the pandemic were capable of performing better than those that didn’t.


There is no denying the fact that the world has changed considerably since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, Chris James – CEO at Scaled Agile Inc. revealed the following stats at the Global SAFe Summit 2020.

With as much as 84 percent, a majority of Agile teams out there still prefer the Scrum platform. Some of the other popular approaches in Agile marketing that you can come across are Kanban, Lean & Design Thinking, and DevOps.


The Agile marketing movement started back in 2001 with the concept of software development. In the past two decades, a significant aspect of the concept has changed significantly. Agile is now spreading at a rapid pace to all parts and types of organizations.


As per the reports of the Agile experts, the overall interest of marketers in the field of agile marketing has become stronger than ever. As per the study reports, it is revealed that around 41 percent of marketers continue using agile. At the same time, another 42 percent of non-users of the platform aim at adopting agile methodology.


The concept of VSM or Value Stream Mapping is going to stay here for a long time. With VSM, the users are enabled to come across waste, minimize process cycle time, and execute process improvements.


During its 14th Annual State of Agile study report, it was revealed that around 78 percent of respondents claimed that their company was interested in the concept of VSM. They were planning to ensure the implementation of VSM, or currently were under some stage of implementing VSM.


SAFe continues serving as one of the most popular frameworks for scaling agile. A survey conducted on around 600 participants from around 20 nations revealed that around 54 percent of the participants claimed that they had made use of SAFe agile framework.


In another survey done in 2019, it was revealed that 68 percent of companies cited faster product delivery as one of the major drivers for adopting agile practices in the company processes.


Stats Related to the Benefits of Agile Marketing

If you wish to make the most of Agile marketing for your business, here are some relevant stats related to its advantages. Here are some for you to know about:

  • 98 percent of organizations reveal that they have experienced ample success with the help of agile marketing.

  • 53 percent of agile marketing teams are capable of achieving faster time to deliver projects.

  • 51 percent of agile marketing teams are capable of changing gears in real-time on the basis of incoming feedback.

  • Projects implemented with the help of agile marketing are twice more likely to succeed in comparison to projects running with the concept of conventional marketing project management.

#Agile Marketing is Quick

As per the Agile Marketing Report 2020, it was reported that around 53 percent of teams involved in agile marketing are capable of releasing projects faster. 

It is also revealed that around 93 percent of CMOs employing Agile practices reveal that speed to market for campaigns, products, and ideas has improved significantly.

#Marketing Agility Leads to Marketing Efficiency

53 percent of marketers claim that they become super productive with the help of Agile.

From the same study, it was reported that agile has helped in significantly reducing the number of approvals required for getting any work out of the door by 16 percent of marketers.

Agile marketing drives higher responsiveness to end customers. Around 80 percent of CMOs revealed that the switch they made to Agile marketing helped them in driving better project delivery to end customers.



Improved visibility, speed, professional satisfaction, and efficiency in the marketing output are some of the core reasons why enterprises are adopting agile marketing. 

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