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Agile Marketing Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Agile Marketing Projects

Growth hacking is the term associated with setting up a link between expanding your business and leveraging intelligent tricks (hacks) for reverse-engineering the process. Growth hacking in Agile marketing is result-driven and solution-focused. The core benefit of implementing a business-centric growth hacking strategy is that it can help you in effective customer acquisition, boosting revenues, or achieving some similar objective quickly.


Growth hacking is a vital tool for small businesses in the modern B2B space. Here are some growth hacking tips for your small business.

Important Growth Hacking Tips 

Growth hacking is best achieved when marketers come across and exploit the nuances of what others missed. 

#Maximize Automation

To maximize business productivity, you can start implementing high-end software solutions capable of automating time-consuming, manual processes. This is a critical growth hacking practice for businesses.

It is important to assess your specific requirements and analyze which type of software solutions will benefit your business. There are several types of solutions available for automating day-to-day business tasks. Some to consider are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): The given software solution helps in automating an abundance of manual jobs. Moreover, it also helps in allowing teams to work together on the same data. You can use CRM for project management as well.


You can think of using an all-in-one CRM solution for incorporating marketing, sales, and support automation –all in a single package. In addition to this, you can also think about integrating various other apps with the help of built-in plugins. 


Marketing Automation: When you go with the option of an all-in-one CRM solution, you will get access to the marketing automation solution as well. Otherwise, you will need access to a separate marketing automation tool for automating and driving your marketing efforts.


Marketing automation solutions help in streamlining processes, automating tasks, allowing you to improve brand awareness, and making it easier to attract potential leads. When you make use of built-in features including landing page builders, email marketing, metrics, lead generation forms, and much more, marketing automation becomes a vital growth hacking technique.


#Keeping Record of Buyer Intent and Engagement

When you have marketing automation and CRM solutions in place, you can go ahead with tracking the engagement levels of your leads and prospects. Some common engagement behaviors include the content they download or view, the website pages they visit, and emails opened. The higher the engagement reveals, the more ready they are to make a purchase. This is because high engagement is directly proportional to a willingness to buy.

The best way to track sales readiness and buyer intent is by creating automated mechanisms for lead scoring. The solution should be capable of tracking prospect and visitor engagement and awarding a score for behaviors leading to some triggered action. This gives your sales team greater marketing qualified leads to pursue.

#Build a Content Marketing Engine

Content marketing is the process of generating relevant and useful content for solving common problems that your target audience is challenged with. The content does not directly focus on selling your products or services. It is focusing on establishing your brand as an authority in your domain of expertise. Once your target audience is aware that your content is relevant and useful at providing solutions to their problems, they will keep coming back for more. This is the beginning of building engagement. The more engaged the audience is, the more likely they might become customers. Content marketing is increasingly becoming a core component of driving business growth. It is a key growth hacking tip for you to leverage.

#Invest in Great Talent to Maximize Growth

After launching a business, it is critical to build a high-performing team for running and growing your business rapidly and cost-effectively. Your primary goal is to ensure maximum business growth within a condensed time frame - months instead of years.


You have options to hire and build your own team, outsource to various agencies or work with MCMK to build and run marketing programs from the get-go. 

Here are some agile marketing growth hacks that have worked well for us

  • Respond rapidly to requests from team members and stakeholders - communicate with urgency and intent to solve or brainstorm ideas 

  • Build campaigns that are short and simple to run and test

  • Run growth experiments every sprint or consecutive sprints (2 to weeks) or for a quarter 

  • Go live with at least ten growth experiments every month, test, analyze and review past experiments 

  • Share the data internally within the team and with collaborators in other departments or marketing partners 

  • Keep experimenting and leverage what works, have the courage to stop what is not working now that worked in the past

  • Focus on the target milestones, stay flexible within the guardrails and build tighter process flows and business outcomes will follow

  • Keep processes and procedures simple and straightforward

  • Prepare to fail fast and apply learning from each failure in the next growth experiment

  • Register and participate in the Agile Marketing Hackathon organized by MCMK  

Is it a good idea for me to start using Agile marketing?

Before you go out and spend a month's money on whiteboards and sticky notes, take some time to think about these key questions, since your "why" should guide your "how."

  • If your marketing staff is suffering significant turnover or showing symptoms of burnout, easing the pressure on them should be your top concern.
  • If your team is already healthy and stable, you might want to go with the approach that will provide you the most competitive edge. Consider what you want to achieve by making your marketing team Agile, and then pick a technique to help you get there.

Are my marketers open to adopting Agile?

Above all, assess your team's willingness to adapt. Agile marketing may appear to be supernatural intervention if you are prepared to do anything to improve their professional life.

Because there won't be any internal opposition, you may rely on the external variables we've discussed to help you choose an approach. Although adaptability is critical, your team's cross-functionality is nearly as vital as their willingness to shift.

Why Agile is better ?

Agile is extremely effective because it allows everybody to remain organized on one job at a time. That is exactly what teams must do in order to finish large-scale projects. They will struggle if they try to accomplish too many things at once because they will become overwhelmed and unorganized.

What is the Agile Marketing Score of Your Team?

  • What is the level of agility in your team?
  • How might agile help you increase your productivity?
  • How can you assess your agility?


8 practical strategies recommended for better agile development team.

  • Remove any obstacles.
  • The size of the team.
  • Meetings that are held every day.
  • Backlog of products.
  • Mindset of continuous development
  • Buffer for interruptions.
  • Make your efforts evident.
  • Multitasking should be avoided.