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JAIPUR, INDIA, June 17, 2024 / --

Excluto, an exclusive Private Investment Platform announced the launch of its global community of sophisticated investors to invest in alternative assets like Venture Capital Funds, Debt Funds, Credit Funds etc.

It is designed to simplify discovery of private market assets and provide investment opportunities for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs), Family offices, Fund managers, Institutional Investors, and Corporations in key markets.

Committed to democratizing access to private market assets for Accredited Investors, Excluto continues to spearhead efforts in connecting limited partners with private market opportunities.

The platform provides vital information necessary for potential investors to make informed investment decisions. This information includes details such as the past performance metrics, minimum required investment commitment, the drawdown process, targeted returns, portfolio composition, risk mitigation strategies, and profiles of the investment team.

Excluto's Limited Partner (LP) community enables accredited investors (by invite only) to review and discuss investment opportunities with the other members of the community.Key Capabilities and advantages of Excluto -Confidentiality & Anonymity: Excluto, being a confidential platform the identity of both the Limited Partner (LP) and Venture Capital Fund (VCF) remains disclosed until both the parties are interested to connect with each other.Matchmaking:

The platform suggests investors’ best possible investments as per their investor profile and mandate.Free for LPs - The platform does not charge the Limited PartnersGlobal - Excluto aspires to be a global platform and currently lists funds that invest in multiple geographies.Portfolio management - The LPs can track their portfolio of investments on the platform itself.In contrast to public market assets, the vast majority of venture capital (VC) funds remain inaccessible through public platforms and operate as close-ended schemes. This means that investors have a finite window of opportunity to invest in these funds. Excluto addresses this challenge by listing these funds precisely when they are in the midst of their current fundraising process.

Apoorv Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Excluto, said “With the rapid growth of innovation worldwide, venture capital (VC) is playing a crucial role in supporting startup ecosystems. However, the VC fundraising process is often unclear and relies heavily on personal networks. This creates challenges for Limited Partners (LPs), VCs, and startups alike. There is room for improvement in distributing this asset class more equitably among accredited investors.”

Vikas Raina, Co-founder and CTO, pointed out “The irony is that the VC industry, which invests in technology and data-driven startups, lacks technological sophistication and information transparency in its own fundraising processes.

Excluto's technology addresses this issue by offering a streamlined, user-friendly interface for evaluating various investment opportunities.”Excluto has launched a VIP membership program to provide access to exclusive, customized deals according to member profile.

Register at this link to become a member today Excluto:Excluto is an exclusive wealth-tech platform dedicated to facilitating exploration and due diligence processes for private market assets, including venture capital funds, pre-IPO funds, debt funds, angel funds, and more.

Since its establishment in October 2023, Excluto is at the forefront of educating newly qualified investors on the intricacies of venture capital as an asset class.To date, the platform has listed funds with assets under management (AUM) exceeding $198 million and has facilitated multimillion-dollar commitments to these funds.

For commercial and business enquiries,

please contact Mr. Apoorv Sharma,CEO and Co-founder - ExclutoEmail: apoorv@excluto.comTel: +91-8440022044

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