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Scalable and repeatable high growth marketing programs

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Building a scalable and repeatable agile marketing process is fundamental to a high-growth SaaS startup. In the same way, as agile product development has showcased the benefits of a rapid iteration and quick delivery approach, marketing has also it own Agile marketing manifesto and framework.

Asking the right questions constantly provides better direction as the quarter progresses and changes can be made quickly with a low impact on cost and resources.

Communicating and executing changes quickly is critical to having everyone on board and focused on the results and not challenged to make the changes.

While it may be difficult to make changes while marketing programs are in-flight, an agile team learns how to do it as everyone knows that perfection is not the goal - getting the tasks done so that 80% or more is achieved for the 20% of the most critical requirements is key.


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