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Is Your Startup Go-to-Market Ready?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

MCMK’s framework and Founder Advisors’ ecosystem empowers startups to build a GTM strategy to power hypergrowth through marketing

APRIL 12, 2022 – TORONTO, Ontario and BOULDER, Colo. – MCMK, an agile hypergrowth marketing venture studio for technology startups, and Founder Advisors, a startup Advisory Team as a Service (ATaaS), are conducting a series of virtual Founder Essentials that address critical challenges faced by founders and their teams. MCMK and Founder Advisors support small businesses and startups to blitzscale their business development programs without taking time and effort away from their product and technology development.

The Founder Essentials will cover Go-to-Market (GTM) readiness, thought leadership marketing, stakeholder, investor and influencer management, sales enablement, and other critical capabilities. Working with a range of growth-focused technology ventures that are pursuing high growth without high cost, MCMK provides a plug-and-play framework that is customizable to product and market specific needs of early stage technology startups.

Go-to-Market readiness should be scalable and repeatable. This is critical for high growth early stage technology startups. GTM strategy development is crucial for creating product marketing campaigns that deliver impactful business development results. As well as measurable metrics that matter the most to investors and stakeholders.

The two foundational steps to become GTM ready, battle-tested by MCMK, puts an emphasis on customer first and focused target goals. Founders tend to focus on the product’s capabilities to address customer challenges, whereas customers value the easiest, fastest, lowest cost solution to get to their goal.

“The key to agile and not fragile early stage marketing is having an open mindset to bring on-board design partners and beta test with champions, visionaries and early adopters,” said MCMK Vice President of Marketing Melroy Coelho. “These stakeholders validate and iterate an agile work culture that communicates and rewards project deliverables in continuous chunks rather than a big bang. That is our preferred approach in which we have proven success.”

“Agile in Marketing is a pragmatic and rewarding approach to achieving outcomes from a marketing team and stakeholders,” said Founder Advisors Senior Advisor Mitchell Posada. “When working well, it is easier to get alignment as well as adjust to challenges and opportunities. It can become a way of thinking and doing that fundamentally changes how your team executes.”

The first Founders Essentials session, Are you GTM Ready?, will take place Thursday, April 28 at 11 am EST. To register to attend, please visit

About MCMK

MCMK is a marketing agency that provides B2B hypergrowth tech startups, emerging-growth scaleups, Private equity-owned portfolio companies and venture capital-funded enterprises with a complete outsourced, white-gloved marketing solution using its Agile Growth Marketing as a Service expertise. The agency leverages 15 years of experience leading world-class marketing teams in B2B software firms across the globe. With a proven methodology and framework for building brands and generating demand, tech startups can focus on what they do best — product and innovation. From determining a company's value proposition, brand messaging, target audience, buyer profiles and more, we help tech companies develop and execute winning marketing strategies. For more information, please visit

About Founder Advisors

We are a team of startup advisor "Sherpas”, dedicated to making sure your company succeeds on its climb to the top and doesn't "die on the mountain". We are a coordinated team of experienced entrepreneurs and business specialists providing access to financing, customers, partners, knowhow, and fractional resources . We work proactively with you and your founder team and provide all the advisory, coaching, and fractional work you need to overcome the startup challenges you face.



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