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Influencing Top 100 Key Target Accounts

Influencing the Top 100 Key accounts in your SaaS Technology target market is crucial for your startup. The value of agile key account marketing.

Keep it simple with a targeted, technology-friendly, human-first approach. Leveraging technology can only take you so far. The follow-up and follow-through are where the top performers distance themselves from the pack.

Plan and execute with surgical precision. Measure and monitor results to uncover key variables that you can tweak accordingly to improve results.

Your process is the most important component of your plan. Agile growth marketing provides a framework to plan and implement with a disciplined methodology.

Your sales team will be thankful for the conversations that you are enabling with their prospect accounts that are following the key influencers in the marketplace.

Your product team will appreciate the feedback you are generating in social networks and forums that are being picked up by your social listening tools.

Your executive team will witness better relationships with their stakeholders as a result of the halo effect of this influencer strategy.


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