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Influencing the Top Private Equity, Venture Capitalists and Financiers

Influencing the Top Private Equity, Venture Capitalists, and Financiers in your target market. The value of Agile influencer marketing.

Flying under the radar and in stealth mode is not the best approach to take when you are seeking funding.

You and your co-founders need to dedicate a portion of your time to either work with an influencer marketing firm or roll up your sleeves and get on your soapbox.

Fish where the fish are or where the money is. Identify the top virtual watercoolers/watering holes and any other meeting spot analogy you want to use.

Practice and perfect your elevator pitch and have your messaging ready to explain, elaborate, justify and validate your value proposition.

Face and embrace the chilling fact that you will need to have tens or hundreds of conversations with various levels of interested parties.

An agile marketing team that runs influencer marketing campaigns will be your best bet to guide you through the murky waters of corporate finance and investment.

Building your reputation prior to meeting potential investors will give you a friendly tailwind to focus on your message and not justify why they need to meet with you.


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