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Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

If you've spent much time at all researching how to grow your B2B company online, you will probably have come across the terms growth hacking and growth marketing, and with good reason. Both of these techniques offer you the chance to build your business, grow your market share, and leave your competition behind far more quickly than conventional marketing approaches. As such, they have become the go-to strategies for established brands and cutting-edge start-ups alike.

Are you looking to succeed in increasingly competitive markets? Growth hacking or growth marketing may well be the approach your company needs. And here at MCMK, we have the expertise to make it happen.

What are Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking?

Although you could (and people have!) written whole articles on growth hacking, growth marketing, their similarities and their differences, what they are at their core can be boiled down to a few sentences.

Starting with their similarities, they are both approaches to digital marketing focused on building revenue growth through customer acquisition, activation, and retention. They are also both data-driven, and rely on constant and reliable feedback to enable adaptations. Finally, they both use this constant stream of data to enact agile methodologies to continually innovate and drive forward to more efficient solutions.

With all these similarities, it would be easy to mistake these two approaches as being identical. They do have some key points of difference though, with the largest being that while both are focused on increasing revenue, growth hacking is primarily product focused and more immediate, while growth marketing is more brand-oriented and aims at securing long-term recognition.

Do You Need Growth Hacking or Growth Marketing?

So, can growth hacking help you? Should you bother with growth marketing? Is there any point? Short answer: yes, yes, and yes.

Slightly longer answer, adopting one (or both) of these strategies may be the most important thing you can do for your business in the digital age. Implementing one of these methodologies to constantly adapt and improve your models, products, and advertising to stick with what works, get rid of what doesn’t, and always be improving.

In the modern world, things are changing at a rate never before experienced, and the old methods of slow development with months-long marketing plans won’t cut it anymore, nor will the qualitative, opinion-based data they rely on. You need fast, you need data-driven, and you need a new approach, today.


Just like there are probably dozens of things that set you apart from the competition, there are many reasons we here MCMK stand out from the crowd. Most of all though, it is our constant professionalism, our passion for digital marketing, and our appreciation that you are not just another business.

We take the time to get to know your company, who you are, and exactly who your ideal client is. We do this so that when we use our extensive industry expertise to create a growth marketing or growth strategy for you, it truly is for you. All this combined with the fact that we are a far more cost-effective option than a full-time marketing agency, and the decision is obvious.

What Next?

We know that switching over to MCMK is a big commitment, but we are also confident that it is the right decision. As such, we are more than happy to discuss further exactly what it is you need and how we can help you, all free of charge. All you need to do is reach out, and we'll organize a consultation to give you the information you need to be comfortable making this decision. Don’t let yourself fall behind in this fast-paced world.


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