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Deal Sourcing

Deal flow is a crucial indicator of an investment firm’s

health. We’ll explain how firms can use their spheres of

influence to increase deal flow and help their businesses


What is Deal Flow?

Deal flow is the rate a company receives business proposals

and investment pitches from their partners, collaborators,

and clients.

Deal flow is cyclical; it’s important for firms and investors

to take advantage of periods of high deal flow, recognizing

that it comes in waves.

“In one year Investors see over a thousand business plans

and meet on average with hundreds of companies, but

ultimately only invest in one to two. …It really is a referral


Effective investors use several avenues to assemble referrals and increase business

Referrals From Other Investors

Investors are more likely to prioritize referrals from someone they

know than from strangers.

Referrals From Portfolio Companies

The referral comes from a portfolio company that’s benefited the

investor in the past. This signals the company understands the investor’s

priorities, interests, and areas of expertise.

Referrals From Service Providers

“Lawyers, accountants, banks, consultants… who have worked

with us frequently in the past generally have a very strong

sense of fit.” That’s why it can be worth your time to build relationships

within these networks even if you don’t need the service provider’s help currently.

You never know when a relationship will come in handy.

If your firm is struggling to maximize deal flow, reach out to

MCMK Tech Marketing Solutions for help. Our experienced

team offers tailored marketing strategies and tactics to boost

your firm’s reach and success.


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