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Blitzscale Your Agile GrowthMarketing

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Why agile marketing is better

Agile marketing has become a necessity in an increasingly dynamic business field. Businesses

that fail to adopt agile practices fall behind the competition as customer needs evolve

alongside technology. Agility is synonymous with speed and flexibility. Agile marketing keeps the marketing processes adaptable and flexible for your customer. It borrows its approach from the software development sector’s agile methodology.

The agile method breaks projects into phases and has systems that increase collaboration.

Additionally, it has a focus on continuous improvement in every phase. Unlike traditional

marketing that places the product at the core of the marketing strategy, agile

marketing focuses on the customer and their journey.

Agile terms

Sprints: The iteration planning or Sprint takes up 58% of an agile marketer’s work time.

Sprints are project completion phases that may last 15 to 6 weeks.

Daily stand-up meetings: Agile marketers have 15 minutes long daily stand-up meetings

that outline a team’s work plan and iron out any hiccups.

Progress tracking: Agile marketing teams make use of physical or digital Kanban boards or

project management tools, such as Trello, to maintain records and collaboration.

Teamwork: The best agile marketing teams have excellent collaboration statistics,

enhancing the speed of iterations and frequency of releases.

The final word: Agile marketing has diverse benefits for businesses. It increases efficiency,

innovation and delivers more ROI at lower costs. Agile is built for growth and keeps your

eyes on your customer’s needs, for business growth.


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