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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Model Training POC from MCMK marketing venture studio - A New Growth Frontier for Enterprises and Investors

Updated: Feb 25

Toronto, Canada— January 29, 2024 — By embracing AI Model Training, enterprises and their investors can unlock new opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

AI Training involves teaching models to analyze data, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions. This process is vital for businesses to develop intelligent systems that automate tasks, enhance data analysis, and improve decision-making processes.

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, the importance of AI Model Training for founders and financiers cannot be overstated. As a crucial element for business innovation, AI Model Training opens doors to the immense potential of artificial intelligence.

This advancement is a strategic investment into the future of business operations and market leadership.

Melroy Coelho – Founder and CEO of MCMK stated “We are excited to announce a game-changing service in artificial intelligence - GEN AI Model Training, specifically designed for enterprises. This customized process begins with meticulous data collection and preparation, ensuring a strong foundation for AI model training. Our focus is on selecting the most suitable algorithms tailored to each enterprise's unique use cases and objectives. The heart of our service lies in the rigorous training and evaluation phase, where AI models are finely tuned for optimal performance. This service is pivotal for enterprises aiming to leverage AI for enhanced decision-making, task automation, and gaining a competitive edge. We invite enterprises to partner with us for a seamless, effective AI transformation journey.”

About MCMK: Founded in 2021, MCMK is leading the agile growth marketing sector in delivering phenomenal growth success to clients. The boutique approach to scaling growth for a select few is already generating a steady flow of clients and investment deals. MCMK’s AI model POC is available to a select cohort of enterprise clients every quarter. Firms and teams that qualify through the rigorous selection process are committed to a scalable, growth framework that delivers measurable, actionable, real-time results. 


MCMK and MCMK’s AI model training POC are owned by MCMK in Canada and globally. For more information on “MCMK’s AI Model Training POC: Melroy Coelho, 1-647-993-4353


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