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Agile High Growth Marketing

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The daily standup is the most common Agile practice in marketing organizations, with 58% of marketers engaging in some version of it.

Agile marketing has become a necessity in an increasingly dynamic business field. Businesses

that fail to adopt agile practices fall behind the competition as customer needs evolve

alongside technology.

As an illustration, large businesses such as Dell (not an MCMK customer, only for agile marketing reference purposes) have had to adopt agile marketing to keep their market relevance. Businesses that have held on to traditional marketing strategies have sunk because of their failure to respond to change in market conditions.

Dell, for instance, has a 200 strong marketing department scattered across diverse locations

around the globe. Its marketing department drives its web, lead generation, field marketing,

search engine, channel, and other forms of marketing strategies.

Its large marketing team had a disconnect, creating gaps in strategy and massive marketing

inefficiencies. To bridge these inefficiencies, Dell adopted an agile formation that reorganized

its teams and strategies.

Consequently, the Dell marketing team trained its personnel in persona-driven marketing and

created uniform strategies for all its disparate teams. Dell’s legendary 30-day sprint cycles

brought a return on investments after seven months of deployment.


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