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Moving from a well-structured corporate environment to an entrepreneurial setting requires a profound shift in mindset. In the corporate world, resources are relatively abundant. You have established processes and a degree of predictability. In contrast, running your enterprise means embracing uncertainty, doing more with less, and wearing multiple hats. A shift from a strategic domain specialist role to a generalist requires a flexible mindset and a readiness to learn and adapt rapidly.

Starting my own venture studio meant creating everything from scratch – the systems, picking out our tech, and being in the mix with every single part of the business.

Founding MCMK required a shift to a more entrepreneurial strategic focus, where the goal was to carve out a niche in a competitive landscape. It meant identifying underserved areas within the tech startup ecosystem and offering a unique value proposition.

Building MCMK has been a journey of transforming challenges into opportunities, learning to navigate the complexities of the startup ecosystem, and helping our clients achieve hypergrowth by focusing on what they do best — building product and innovating.

Our core value is agile methodology, which is built on iterative development, continuous feedback, and collaborative teamwork. By applying the Agile framework to marketing, we can quickly pivot strategies based on real-time data, maximize efficiency, and drive significant ROI for our clients. At its core, Agile Growth Marketing is a strategic approach combining the principles of agility — such as flexibility, speed, and responsiveness


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