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Implementing Account-Based Marketing in SaaS Technology start-ups and scale-ups

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

#Identifying the High-value Target Accounts

Identifying and selecting high-value target accounts are crucial for contributing profitable sales revenue for any company.

#Conducting Research on the Target Accounts

Obtaining insights into the needs of target accounts. Slice and dice the data to analyze where they might be in the buying stage, are they researching, evaluating, do they have a project plan to implement a solution sometime soon. Are they showing any intent to buy or buying signals?

#Developing Personalized Marketing Campaigns

You can now use the data that you have, to build your ABM strategy. Focus on building creative assets with personalized compelling messaging that will resonate with the target personas in the account.

#Executing Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Launch the ABM growth marketing campaign to the respective target accounts, AB test various versions, and constantly tweak the campaign (within time boxed durations of agile marketing sprints) to identify winning strategies..

#Measuring the Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Monitor, measure, and analyze the data to report on the marketing campaign performance.

ABM and Personalization for Software Companies

Website personalization is a key component of an ABM strategy. This is because it allows you to customize the messaging on the website for every target account. You can even tailor the experiences of the visitors once they have landed on your site with the help of website personalization.

Website personalization through ABM can be implemented with the help of firmographic data obtained through reverse IP observation. Once you have identified the visitors of your company, you can match them against the target account list for delivering a highly personalized web experience. You can customize several segments of the website with the help of account-based personalization –including calls-to-action, messaging, social proof, and images.


The ultimate key is to captivate, connect and communicate with the right target audience to execute your ABM strategy every quarter.


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