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Growth Hacking for Early Stage Startups

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

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Growth hacking is best achieved when marketers come across and exploit the nuances of what others missed.

#Maximize Automation

#Keeping Record of Buyer Intent and Engagement

#Build a Content Marketing Engine

#Invest in Great Talent to Maximize Growth

You have options to hire and build your own team, outsource to various agencies or work with MCMK to build and run marketing programs from the get-go.

Here are some agile marketing growth hacks that have worked well for agile marketing teams​

  • Respond rapidly to requests from team members and stakeholders - communicate with urgency and intent to solve or brainstorm ideas

  • Build campaigns that are short and simple to run and test

  • Run growth experiments every sprint or consecutive sprints (2 to weeks) or for a quarter

  • Go live with at least ten growth experiments every month, test, analyze and review past experiments

  • Share the data internally within the team and with collaborators in other departments or marketing partners

  • Keep experimenting and leverage what works, have the courage to stop what is not working now that worked in the past

  • Focus on the target milestones, stay flexible within the guardrails and build tighter process flows and business outcomes will follow

  • Keep processes and procedures simple and straightforward

  • Prepare to fail fast and apply learning from each failure in the next growth experiment

  • Register and participate in the Agile Marketing Hackathon organized by MCMK


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