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Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

An ABM campaign commences with the creation of meaningful segments. It also involves identifying specialized marketing programs that can be customized to the given segments on the channels that remain the most impactful. The strategy of every company will involve its own blend of marketing strategies.

Some real-world instances of how B2B marketers can use dedicated ABM programs are:

· Direct Mail: Direct marketing and direct mail are one method of reaching out to potential customers within a specific target market. As ABM turns out to be highly targeted, you can consider sending over marketing resources through direct mail to connect with potential customers.

· Events: Virtual and In-person events turn out to be one of the most successful strategies for corporate sales teams to reach out to and influence key decision-makers. When events are included in the ABM approach, it can include customized invitations to the major prospects –including personalized gifts, special VIP dinners, and personalized follow-up post-event.

· Webinars: You can also consider customizing webinars to serve as timely and relevant for a particular target account. Webinar events with proper follow-up can be personalized for particular companies.

· Paid Advertising: social media and PPC ads can be leveraged for reaching out to a target audience. When you make use of advanced technologies like retargeting and IP targeting, the display campaigns can be personalized for target accounts.


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