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How We Work

Expanding your digital footprint with dynamic content ​

​Building your Brand messaging one story at a time. 

No matter what your end goal is we have a winning formula for building a conversation with your target audience. By leveraging the expertise of PR, Content, and Design professionals, you get the commitment of a  full team on your project. 

Telling Your Story 

MCMK delivers expertise to craft compelling brand stories. Your content will be built with dynamic visual components such as photos, illustrations and videos.  

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Sharing Your Story​

MCMK creates opportunities to influence your target market across various digital channels. 

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Monitoring and Measuring ​

MCMK provides the metrics that matter the most to analyze and review results.​

A dashboard of KPIs ensures you get real-time actionable analytics.

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MCMK reaches the key stakeholders we need to influence way before they are sales ready      

- CEO,
  MCMK Customer

Our Agile marketing campaigns are delivering faster and more relevant qualified leads to our sales team 

- MD - CMO,
MCMK Customer

Our Marketing an Sales Pipeline are no longer filling up with unqualified prospects, but have more sales ready contacts and we are experiencing greater collaboration with sales, product and marketing teams 

MCMK Customer

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Key Deliverables

Solving Marketing challenges for B2B Hypergrowth Tech Startups, Emerging Growth Scaleups, Private Equity Owned Portfolio Companies and VC Funded Firms

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