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Agile Hyper Growth Marketing 

Key Agile Growth Marketing Capabilities

Mcmk Agile Marketer

Implements Agile methodology
in marketing playbooks

Mcmk - Collaborates

Collaborates with stakeholders within and outside the organization

Mcmk Metrics

The Metrics that Matter the Most
Monitors, Measures and Manages North Star Metrics, Leading and Lagging Indicators 

Mcmk focuses on Initiates

Focuses on key initiatives for People, Processes and Marketing Technology Stack 

Manages 10 Marketing Programs and 20 Marketing Playbooks 

Mcmk Marketing Program

Plans marketing projects, Analyzes Marketing ROI 

Mcmk Marketing Project

Why does Agile Marketing delivers results?

The mindset and discipline of an Agile Marketing practitioner is based on the

values and principles laid out in the Agile Marketing Manifesto.

Agile Marketing is a framework providing a flexible structure to run agile marketing teams and generate rapid results.

Agile Marketing is a mindset with zen like focus on delivering value to stakeholders.

Agile is integrated marketing and not fragile or fragmented marketing.   

What are Key Components of Agile Marketing?

Agile Marketing makes use of:

  • Agile trained marketing team (People)

  • Marketing technology stack solutions (Programs )

  • Agile framework based project management (Processes)

  • Campaigns for connecting, communicating and collaborating with stakeholders (Playbooks and Portals)

  • Channels for intermediaries (Partners) 

  • Demand generation projects to nurture, curate and qualify leads to convert into deals (Pipeline)

  • Strategic GTM plans to execute successfully (Priorities)

  • Monitor, Measure and Manage Key performance indicators (Performance) 

  • Quarterly growth experiments (Projects)

Agile Marketing

Why is High Growth Agile Marketing Important?

Agile Marketing growth marketing provides a rapid ROI on marketing growth experiments that can be delivered in short marketing sprints by small teams of laser focused experts. Leveraging the latest marketing technology solutions and targeting priority market segments and personas in key accounts  delivers measurable results every quarter.  home

What Do Agile Marketers Focus Upon?

Agile values and principles that deliver consistent rapid returns on each marketing dollar invested. 

Some key focus areas include the following;

  • Sales and Buyer Enablement

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Sales Playbook

  • Customer acquisition and retention

  • Stakeholder Relations

  • Marketing Communications, Content Development and Distribution

  • Growth Marketing Programs 

  • PR and Media Relations

  • Demand and Lead Generation Programs

Mcmk Marketing Aspects

Challenges in Agile Growth Marketing

Lack of trained agile marketing expertise

Hostility to change and pushback from uninformed executives

No executive sponsor to lead the charge and support key initiatives

No common terminology to communicate intent and execute tasks

Not enough critical mass of marketing team members to push forward

Not enough runway for marketing growth experiments to fail and learn from failing 

Keys to Succeeding

Budget that enables good if not the best marketing technology solutions 

People that are trained and have an open mindset to experiment and learn from the growth experiments 

Patience to wait for results that will show up in time  

Goals that cascade down and across all the organization, so that everyone is focused on the same goals

What kind of results are you getting right now?


What Next?

Connect with us today and get going towards reaching your marketing milestones 

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