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Prioritizing Agile Growth Marketing

Why is it important to trust an agile growth marketing team with your business development programs?

  • They are building marketing playbooks and campaigns using the agile framework (with a marketing twist) that has been utilized by most leading-edge product development teams

  • They are focused on early and rapid marketing project delivery and not an endless never-ending marketing program that is difficult to measure

  • They are using people in a framework of a disciplined process and leveraging technology to scale their projects


Agile is a force multiplier

Agile marketing has become a necessity in an increasingly dynamic business field.

Businesses that fail to adopt agile practices fall behind the competition as customer needs evolve alongside technology.

Speed Paced

Agile Process

An agile marketing process is built of many components that click into place with the right strategic direction and sharp execution that changes rapidly to market requirements.

Iteratively rapid

Agile Team

  An agile marketing framework and mindset with a trained team that uses a common language and tools is the starting point. Your current state and future state need to be clearly articulated.


Agile Execution

The process is simple to comprehend but difficult to implement. Make sure your marketing partner has the competency and experience to forge ahead and deliver measurable results.

core agile marketing

Responding to disruption and change 

Being agile and pivoting to respond to rapid changes and disruptions is crucial for any enterprise and even more so for early-stage growth startups. The results you obtain with an agile growth marketing team are worth the effort of doing something you have not done before. With a focused mindset of delivering growth experiments in short agile sprints, you can be sure that your agile marketing partner is on the ball and delivering key measurable results..

  • What are the core elements in an Agile Marketing Process?
    People - Agile trained individuals and teams provide a standardized approach and terminology to enable a rinse and repeat consistent process Processes - Automating your marketing processes enables real-time sharing of data and insights with all stakeholders Technology - Leveraging marketing technology stack solutions that integrate into the daily work life of the agile team enhances the user experience and productivity of campaigns
  • Does Agile Marketing increase the speed of project delivery?
    Agility is synonymous with flexibility, scalability and responsivenes. Agile marketing keeps the team responsive to rapid market changes and user requirements.
  • Why bother with experimenting and iterating campaign inputs?
    Marketing teams are several times removed from the marketplace and so need to integrate, and execute faster than the competition. Frequent iterations keeps competitiors on their toes while demostrating to customers that they are at the center of the product innovation.

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