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Benefits of Agile Growth Marketing

  • Marketing teams use agile management to launch content rapidly and then revise it depending on results.

  • Agile marketing teams leverage agile methodology to rapidly deliver value to stakeholders in small iterations

  • Agile growth marketing empowers collaboration between cross functional teams using a common approach and terminology.

  • Agile hypergrowth marketing can enable SaaS Startups with limited resources to scale and compete with larger competitors and punch way above their weight category. home

Why Agile is better?

Growth Experimentation

Agile marketing completes work in two to four week sprints rather than going through lengthy phases. The marketing team meets for daily standups, weekly sprint reviews and planning sessions. Constantly monitoring success and challenges makes it a very interactive, insightful and real-time process.

Rapid Iteration

Rapid Iteration Launchpad material is created by teams and then tested and modified. New content versions are produced to improve performance and adapt to changing client demands.

Value Generation

Data driven learning enables validation beyond the opinion of the highest paid person within the room.  The dynamic focus of responding to change (as it happens) over static documentation and rigid plans (written sometime in the past) enables nimble execution backed by valuable data. ​

B2B Growth Marketing


What does agile marketing result in?

The Agile Method alters the way work is organized, as well as how businesses view the work standards. It introduces a change in the way activities are done with the goal of enhancing efefctiveness across the project cycle while also boosting results delivered.

How popular is Agile among high growth marketing teams?

Traditional marketing projects are 28 percent less effective than agile initiatives. Agile is used by over 50 percent of hypergrowth marketing teams. Digital marketing requires an agile approach in order to keep pace with the rapid iteration of marketing technology solutions. Global teams benefit from agile marketing discipline due to challenges in time zone and lack of face2face interaction. B2B, Enterprise technology Early Stage Starups in highly disruptive markets arethe most that can benefit from agile growth marketing expertise

How does a team which uses agile methodology communicate its progress?

Daily Sprints - The agile marketing team led by a sprint team lead or marketing project owner meets in a quick daily meeting to report on what was done yesterday, what they are working on today and what obstacles and challenges they are facing. These obstacles are discussesd outside the daily sprint in separate meetings. Sprint Planning and Sprint Review - Projects are taken acoording to priority from the sprint backlog and added to the sprint backlog. These prioirites become the deliverables for each sprint cycle (whcih are labeled according to week number or based on other choices) Sprint Restrospective - The end of the sprint is when the team reviews lessons learned in an open and transparent approach so that the whole team is accountable for the results obtained, shortfalls and incompletions.

What's the best way to make the most of your agile methodologies?

  1. On-time delivery is a must.
  2. Customer/User Satisfaction
  3. Quality of deliverables
  4. Economic value of the project
  5. Scope of the Project (Features, Requirements)
  6. Project Exposure
  7. Efficiency
  8. Predictability
  9. Enhancing the Process
Agile marketing techniques allow teams to keep on top of trends and better understand what stakeholders and customers want in real time. It enables marketing teams to bring a project in front of people in a short period of time, with a lower expenditure and lower risk. In today's ever-changing digital world, success hinges on putting the appropriate message in front of the correct target audience at the right moment, which agile marketing makes feasible

What aspects of your agile approach may be improved?

There are a few things you can do to help your marketing projects succeed, including:

  • Implementing an approach that enables agile trained marketing people to work on agreed agile processes leveraging the mosy effective marketing technology stack solutions

  • Prioritizng the project backlog so that urgent and improtant projects are front and center

  • Creating a marketing project vision board that inspires not only the team but also the stakeholders and eventually positively impacts end customers

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