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Why Your Tech Startup Needs a Flawless Website

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Nowadays, our lives exist more in the digital realm than in the real world. In fact, according to DataReportal’s Digital 2021 report, global internet penetration is at a whopping 59.5 percent! And many of these people are spending almost 6 hours on the internet every day.

So, the chances of potential customers making it to your website are looking good. But does your website look good too?

Your virtual marketing team may be able to direct traffic to your website, but your website needs to be impressive enough to convert visitors to actual consumers.

And for tech startups, this becomes even more essential. Here’s why.

It Builds Your Credibility as A Tech Business

As part of the tech industry, navigating the virtual world should be your forte. And your website should be able to showcase this. It might also be your company’s first impression on your clients, so needless to stay, it needs to be a good one.

A professional, well-functioning website is more likely to resonate with your tech-savvy customers. And it’ll help them develop more faith in your tech-related products and services.

Moreover, good coding will directly affect your company’s sales as it will help to reach potential customers more easily. Plus, the digital reach will be more effective with a great website and hence more lucrative as well.

Make You Stand Out from The Competition

The tech industry is really taking off. There are 1.35 million new tech startups every year, but sadly, only about 30 percent of these survive in the longer run.

This shows how intense the competition is out there. And your website is one of the many elements of your business that need to be perfect enough for your startup to outshine all others.

Given that so much of our business takes place online, there’s absolutely no space to slack off when it comes to the website. Your potential customers have way too many options. If one website isn’t giving them the stellar user experience they expect, they’ll simply move to another.

A person giving a presentation for a startup

Helps to Retain Customers

The business’s website is one of the primary ways you communicate with your clients and customers. It helps you stay in contact with them constantly by giving them the information they need to make decisions related to their purchases.

Insufficient communication would make it very challenging for you to retain old customers, let alone attract new ones. By staying in constant contact, you’re essentially building your brand’s visibility, ensuring that you’re always on the top of your target audience’s minds.

In short, you need to use your website effectively to optimize your digital presence in order to flourish as a tech startup. But for that, you need to start with a user-friendly, well-built website.

Your best bet is getting a digital marketing agency like ours on board to help you out with the website building process as well as with SEO and SEM. Because here’s the thing, you understand technology, but at MCMK, we know marketing. Teaming up is the ultimate way to level up.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our marketing expertise and our digital marketing services for tech startups.


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